Tools & Technology

The RCMP Longitudinal PTSD Study will be conducted, in part, through the use of innovative wearable technology. Participants and members in Team 1 and Team 2 will be provided with several smart devices in order to effectively capture physiological information for the Study.

Participants in Team 1 and Team 2 will be asked to take a one-minute test with the Recordis Cardiac Sensor system at the beginning of each day or shift. This system designed by LLA Technologies has been used in numerous clinical studies and monitoring elite athletes.  The system produces in-depth measures of all aspects of the status and quality of how the heart is contracting and relaxing, or what is referred to as the mechanical function of the heart, as well as information about how the heart and the brain are interacting during times of stress (called heart rate variability, HRV).  After each test each participant will receive a report showing their heart rate and heart performance index which is an overall measure of their heart health.

This data is captured and uploaded via your smartphone. Participants in any Team who already have these personal devices can use their own equipment if they choose. An Apple iPhone which will be provided to participants in Team 1 and Team 2 who do not already have a smartphone, or if their smartphones don’t meet the minimum requirements. Each participant will be able to log into an online dashboard where they can view and monitor their own data at any time.


Data Collections Chart