Privacy & Confidentiality

Participation in this Study is 100% voluntary and participants may choose to withdraw from the Study at any point during the five-and-a-half-year period.

Protecting the participants’ privacy is a priority, and built in to the Study design. The RCMP plays a critical role in developing and implementing the Study; nevertheless, the RCMP will not be involved in gathering or analyzing the information provided by the participants in the Study.

The Study researchers will not be aware of participant names or identities. Individual participants submit data anonymously. Participant identity is kept strictly confidential within strict ethical and legal limits and none of the researchers will confirm or deny specific cadet participation in the Study without prior written consent. For more information about how privacy and confidentiality is protected, please click here.

Once they agree to participate in the Study, participants will provide health data on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis for the life of their participation in the Study, consistent with the Study requirements. The data will allow participants to manage their own mental health in real time, as well as helping to build the most resilient officers ever trained.