LLA Recordis – Cardiac Monitor

The LLA Recordis V2 App is now ready for you! The cardiac monitor provides you with a way to monitor your heart health while providing insights into how your heart responds to stressful situations. Scroll through the videos below to learn about the new App: How to use it and the key features.

Scroll a little further to see Dr. Neary’s videos. They describe how your heart and brain interact with each other. Learn a little more about how this information is being used for study and scientific purposes.

We are excited to share this innovative technology with you. If you have feedback or ideas to share with us, please contact our helpdesk or use the ‘Contact us’ button on the website to reach us.

New App now available

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The new app will help you monitor your heart health and provide insights into how your heart responds to stressful situations.

Get Started

This is where you will find the LLA Recordis Device and LLA App Informational Video

LLA Recordis Device: Getting Started Video

In this video you will learn how to login, set a reminder and do your daily recordings.

LLA Recordis App: Dashboard Orientation

In this video you will learn how to navigate the LLA App Dashboard including the Cardiac age, Heart Rate and other features.

Theory with Dr. Neary

Join Dr. Neary, our University of Regina Exercise Physiologist as he explains the science behind your recordings.

Introduction to Heart Performance

  • Objectives of the Study
  • The LLA RECORDIS Device and SGC Recordings

The Heart-Brain Connection

  • The different systems in your body that connect the Heart and Brain
  • How you can control your heart
  • Cardiac Event Cycles
  • Performance Indices like those you will see in the LLA App dashboard (HPI, IVTC, IVRT, Systolic Time)

The Cardiac Stress Profile

  • Understanding the Cardiac Stress profile in your LLA App
  • How emotions and day-to-day stress impacts your heart

The Heart Performance Index (HPI)

  • How to interpret the HPI, IVTC, IVRT, Cardiac Age, and Systolic information in the LLA App

The Heart-Brain Connection

  • How exercise impacts cardiac age, the pumping of the heart
  • How the body reacts to stress signals coming from the brain
  • How to reach out to Dr. Neary with your questions